What is Ceramic Coatings?

EWT is proud to offer FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating. Developed to perform with paint protection film and painted surfaces, FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating contains a superior hydrophobic formula, protection against the elements, and easy cleaning and maintenance. Plus, with a 4 Year Warranty, you're guaranteed a look that will last for miles. Improve the presentation of your personal car with FEYNLAB Ceramic coating.

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What are the Benefits of a Ceramic Coatings?

Keeps vehicle cleaner for longer

Ceramic Coating creates a permanent hydrophobic surface over your vehicle’s factory clear coat, preventing dirt and grime building up

Protects From Chemical Strains

The high-quality FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating will protect the paintwork from chemical staining from things such as tree sap, bird droppings, and sun oxidization.

Enhances Gloss

Ceramic Coating will keep your vehicle looking in showroom condition and help to improve the gloss effect.

Protects From Chemical Etching

Protect against scratches and chemical etching, with the self-healing properties of the coating capable of keeping your vehicle looking its best.

A Long-Term Solution

The high-quality FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating comes with a four-year warranty and will be able to protect your vehicle for years to come.

Makes Vehicle Easier to Wash

Not only does it help prevent dirt build-up, but our Ceramic Coating makes cleaning your vehicle even easier, letting you quickly wipe away any grime.



Ceramic Coating Options


Exterior Ceramic Coating

Give your vehicle’s exterior paint the protection it deserves with a professional ceramic coating service. Made with a unique ceramic solution, this coating will repel dirt and grime, as well as offer increased protection from dings and scrapes. Your vehicle’s exterior will shine for longer with a ceramic coating service package.

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Keep your wheels and rims shining with a ceramic coating service. A treatment designed for both wheels and calipers will give your ride a shine and sleekness that will be the envy of the neighborhood. The ceramic coating on your wheels will help repel dirt, water, and other debris that can damage wheels and calipers - extending the life of your wheels.



With an interior ceramic coating, our team will clean the entire interior of your vehicle, then apply a coat of ceramic coating that protects the leather, textile, and other elements of the inside of the vehicle. Our ceramic coating products will ensure lasting protection of your interior, as well as a high-quality look and feel.

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It’s the little details that make the biggest difference. Ensure that your exterior trim shines with a professional ceramic coating service. Our team will clean and treat the exterior trim of your vehicle and apply a ceramic coating to protect every inch of trim on your vehicle.

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We feature a high-tech ceramic coating treatment that has been manufactured to protect automotive glass. This ceramic coating will repel dirt, water, and other common elements of wear and tear. The coating will also dramatically improve visibility through the glass, offering crystal-clear views.

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Soft-tops are often exposed to some of the worst wear and tear of daily driving. Even the smallest area of damage on a soft-top can lead to leaks and unexpected damage. With a ceramic coating service specifically designed for soft-tops, you can increase the quality, protection, and life of your soft-top.

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