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Give your vehicle a fresh new look and protect your interior from sun damage with our high-quality and technologically advanced XPEL PRIME window tinting film.

clear bra ceramic coating window tinting

Ceramic Coating

Want to keep your car looking in showroom condition? Our robust Ceramic Coating will protect your paintwork as well as make cleaning and maintenance even easier!

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PPF / Clear bra

This invisible, high-gloss film will protect your vehicle for the wear and tear of daily driving, ensuring your car is always looking as good as new. Customize your coverage today!




Stage #1

Perfect the Paint

The first step to ensuring that your vehicle looks its best is to perfect your paintwork. That means before applying our Ceramic Coating or PPF range, we will bring the car back to showroom condition by removing any contaminants from the paintwork and then correcting any defects.

Stage #2

Clear Bra to Protect the Paint

Once the paintwork has been perfected, we will then add our paint protection PPF/Clear Bra solution. This will ensure that your paintwork is fully protected from damage that day-to-day driving brings

Paint Protection Packages!

At Elite Window Tinting, we offer our customers a range of paint protection packages, ensuring that you can protect your car's key areas. Customize your coverage package today!

Front Bumper PPF

Protects your front bumper + headlamps from rock-chip damage

full front PPF

Protects your full front bumper, hood, fenders, mirror, headlamps, and partial a-Pillars

The track Pack

Protects your Full Front + Lower Side rocker panel from rock-chip damage

Full car PPF

Protects the entire vehicle from rock-chip damage. Includes every painted panel on the car

Stage #3

Ceramic Coating to Preserve the Shine

Replace the traditional wax with a ceramic coating! With a four-year warranty, it guarantees to give your vehicle a superior finish and will ensure that it will be looking in showroom condition for a long time.

Stage #4

Window Tint for UV Protection

Complement your vehicle's overall look and protect your interior with our high-quality XPEL PRIME window tinting range. UV rays from the sun not only make your car hot, but they can also cause discoloration and damage to the fabrics and plastics that make up your interior.

Auto Tinting + protection

At Elite Window Tinting, we’re not only committed to providing the best service and products on the market, but we also pride ourselves on our honesty, transparency and unrivaled dedication to our customers' needs.

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